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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Official Trucker

So yesterday Lance went to ride with a guy named Jerry for an on the job interview. Lance rode with him to Cullman, Alabama so that Jerry could see if Lance would be a good fit for the job. Lance gets along with everyone so i was not worried about that but sometimes things just seem to good to be true and after Lance waiting 6 months for a job due to his lay off at his other job, anything that seems half way decent seems to good to be true. Today he is an official trucker. He is driving an F-250 with a 40 foot trailer hooked to it. He has already been to Birmingham and back today and now he is on his way to South Carolina. I know that God always proves faithful, but for some reason, i tend to doubt how powerful He is. We were both bummed out when he didnt get this other job he thought he had, but if he would have, he would not have started this job. It is better pay and he can even wear what he wants.

Outside of the good news with that, i have been cramping a good bit at night and my back has been hurting more. I went to the doctor today because i was not feeling so good but the nurse said that everything was good and that my body is just prepairing for our little miracle to make her grand entrance into the world. We did go to the beach this past weekend and that could have something to do with me being tired and not sleeping well too. It was great to be able to take one last beach trip before i become a mom. I enjoyed the lazy river at the water park and even went in the wave pool with my belly up in a big round float. The best part of the trip was when my love took me to get some much needed Dippin' Dots!! my absolute favorite thing to eat in the world! Banana Split is the best! i think being pregnant made them taste 100 times better!

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