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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Ready

So i am 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant and getting more ready every day. I have experienced the good and the bad with this pregnancy, but overall, i have been truly blessed. No, this was not a planned pregnancy, but i could not be happier with my situation. I have a boyfriend who loves me and our little miss alligator Alehsie Lyric Miller. She will be loved by so many people and that alone is a blessing. I have lerned so much over the past year. Although my life was pretty rocky the last 3 years, in September of last year, it began to come back together. Even though i do not regret my past, i am grateful that i am not in a situation where i cannot be me and live life with a smile. I can now wake up knowing that even when days get stressful, i have people surrounding me that are uplifting.

Things are coming together quickly which is great because i only have 11 weeks before Ali makes her arrival into my arms. Dad has now finished the nursery. It looks wonderful! Lance put together the changing table last night and tonight he will put together the crib so that i can start putting stuff in place. Saturday is my first shower. My moms side of the family is giving me this one and next Saturday i will have another shower given by my best friend Julie and my mom. I am super excited! i am so ready to hang up her clothes and put her bedding on the crib. Its crazy how all of a sudden, it is not new shoes or a new outfit that i care about. All of my thoughts are centered around her needs and making sure her wants are going to be taken care of. I do not know her personality or what she looks like yet, but i love her unconditionally all ready. She is part of me and a part of the man that i love.
Truly Blessed

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  1. This baby will be loved so much! little miss Ali-Bama lol, will know the lord with all her heart and she will know her great grandmother who she is named after, HELA would be so proud. Her baybay and pawpaw will love her unconditionally also. We will also love the other 6 that we inherit with her. We love Lance and we know he makes you happy. I can also say Lance loves his babies. This is very rare this day and age. I love you both very much BAYBAY