Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have already started the whole nesting process. Sometimes i wonder if other soon-to-be moms get as excited as i am. Last night i washed all of her clothes, blankets, socks and bibs so that would be done. I also put her bassinet together this past weekend and it is wonderful!When i opened the pack of newborn diapers, i was overwhelmed at how small her little butt will be. Me and Lance are so ready to meet her. I cant wait until i can kiss her cheeks! Its crazy how 32 weeks ago i never thought i would be carrying a child. Not only was i blessed with the ability to become a mother, but i am able to share the journey with a man that i love. He loves his family and most of all, he is a Christian. I know that our child will grow up knowing that her parents love her and support her. One thing that is extremely important to me is that she will see first hand at how a man should treat a woman. Society has allowed men to lower their standards. I dont ever want Ali to think that she shouldnt be treated with the utmost respect. i am so blessed to have a family like i do.

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