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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

29 Weeks 4 Days

Ali had the hiccups earlier today which is funny feeling, but it always makes me smile. I go tomorrow to take my maternity photos and i am super excited about that. We are going to do some more traditional photos, but our main focus is to take pictures that are more intimate. We thought that since she has been riding on her daddy's Harley since before she was conceived up until now, we wanted to incorporate that into some of the photos. we came up with some cool ideas and i know that they will turn out great.                                  Darren Freeman with Sugar Babes Photography will be taking them and he is awesome. Check out his site He has a few different ideas. A lot of them he does not post due to privacy agreements, but if you are looking for a photographer, he has a lot to offer. Anyway, i have not been sleeping very well at night. My hips are starting to hurt and when i lay on my side, it feels like my belly weighs more than just the 20 pounds i've gained. This weekend was my first baby shower and it was given by my mother's side of the family. It turned out beautiful! the food was great and i enjoyed visiting with family and friends. Ali got some cute stuff and i can't wait for her to get here so we can play dress up. This coming Saturday is my baby shower that my best friend is giving me. I know she has worked super hard on it so it should be amazing! I am sure that Alehsie will get some nice stuff from this shower too. Its crazy how time goes by so quick when your pregnant....or maybe its that I make it go by fast because i am so ready to meet her. I have pictured a thousand times what she will look like, who she will act like and wondered what her favorite food will be. Life becomes so selfless when you create another human being. My thoughts are now consumed by little miss alligator.

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